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  • Globalization and Flip-Flops

    The Flip Flop Trail is a relatively recent (2014) anthropological study by Professor Caroline Knowles, in which she explores the day to day lives of the people involved with the manufacture, distribution, consumption and disposal of the humble ‘flip-flop’. Professor Knowles has been following the flip-flop trail since at least 2006 (so that’s over ten…

  • Globalisation – Key Concepts and Definitions

    Selected definitions of key terms for A-level sociology students studying globalisation and global development. Americanisation Where American culture and values erodes traditional local cultures gradually replacing them. A term associated with global pessimism, it isn’t usually regarded as something positive! Communism An economic system in which the means of production are owned in common and…

  • The Transformationalist View of Globalisation

    Transformationalists argue that globalisation is complex two way process and that it can be reversed.