Education Policies – Knowledge Check-List

The Main ‘Waves’ of Education Policies

  • 1944 – The Tripartite System
  • 1965 – Comprehensivisation
  • 1988 – The 1988 Education Reform Act
  • 1997 – New Labour’s Education Policies
  • 2010 – The Coalition and the New New Right’s Education Policies

Possible Issues Questions Might Focus On 

  • To what extent have policies raised standards in education?
  • To what extent have policies improved equality of opportunity?
  • Perspectives on selection as an educational policy
  • Perspectives on the increased privatisation of education
  • How is globalisation affecting educational and educational policy?
Some Concepts and specific policies you need know about
In the context of education, briefly explain what is meant by….

·         The Tripartite system

·         Comprehensivisation

·         Marketisation

·         Parentocracy

·         The New Right

·         League Tables

·         The National Curriculum

·         Selection by mortgage

·         Teaching to the test

·         Polarisation

·         Sink schools

·         The school-parent alliance

·         Disconnected choosers and skilled choosers

·         Cultural and social capital

·         Academies

·         Free Schools

·         Sure Start

·         Education Maintenance Allowance

·         Vocationalism

·         Modern Apprenticeships

·         Compensatory education

·         Faith schools

·         Free schools

Possible Outline and Essay Questions

  • Outline two ways in which educational policies since 1988 have aimed to create a market in education (10)
  • Outline two consequences of the increased privatisation of education (10)
  • Assess the view that educational policies since 1988 have failed to improve equality of






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