Theory and Methods: A Visual Overview

Theory and or Methods Questions appear on both the AQA’s A-Level Paper 1 (Education with Theory and Methods) and Paper 3 (Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods).

In my experience, students underplay the importance of this aspect of the course, but in fact there is a total of 40 marks for pure theory and or methods questions and an additional 20 via the methods in context question, so in fact, these are the MOST IMPORTANT areas of the Sociology A-level syllabus which students should revise.

This post simply provides a visual overview of mainly the Theory part of the theory and methods aspect of the syllabus, and if you like this sort of thing, or even just want to show your appreciation, you might like to purchase my ‘Theory and Methods Revision Bundle’… it includes more detailed revision notes on theory and methods as well as exemplars of exam questions, mind maps, and all the slides below in PPT format and picture format, and lots lots more

Positivism and Interpetivism

Positivism Interpretivism

Is Sociology a Science?

Is sociology a science

Can Sociology be Value Free?

sociology value freedom







Social Action Theory

social action theory





Social Policy

social policy

To follow… research methods slides!


Theory and Methods A Level Sociology Revision Bundle 

If you like this sort of thing, then you might like my Theory and Methods Revision Bundle – specifically designed to get students through the theory and methods sections of  A level sociology papers 1 and 3.

Contents include:

  • 74 pages of revision notes
  • 15 mind maps on various topics within theory and methods
  • Five theory and methods essays
  • ‘How to write methods in context essays’.
  • Power Point Overview of sociological theories in slide and picture format.

Happy Revising!

Last updated May 2018.








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