Category: Education Policy

  • Selection Policies in Education

    Selective Education policies are those which allow schools to select pupils on the basis of academic ability or other criteria. The classic example of a selective education policy was the 1944 Education Act which introduced the 11 plus test and pupils were selected on ability – those who passed were selected for grammar schools, those…

  • Globalisation and Education

    This post explores five ways in which globalisation has changed education in the U.K. including increased competition for jobs from people abroad, the increasing influence of global ICT companies, and increasing multiculturalism in education.

  • Postmodern and Late Modern Views of Education – A Summary

    The Postmodernist View of Education  Postmodernists stand against universalising education systems – it there is no one truth, then it is not appropriate to have a one size fits all education system. Modernist education is oppressive to many students – students give up their freedom for 11 years in order to learn knowledge which will…

  • Free Schools – Arguments and Evidence For and Against

    Are free schools more successful than regular schools?