Tag: nation states

  • Nations and Nationalism in Developing Countries

    Many new nations in the global south struggled to find national unity following independence because of ethnic and religious divisions within their national borders.

  • Examples of State Crimes 2020-2021

    Some examples of State Crimes committed by developed and developing countries and an analysis of the problems of researching the nature and extent of state crime

  • The Covid Vaccines are not Safe

    At least not according to Dr Mike Yeadon, who is the former Chief Science Officer at Pfizer and has 30 years experience working in developing vaccines to combat viruses such as covid-19. You can watch an interview with him here on the Hive blockchain (video on Lbry), this has been censored from YouTube, but is…

  • Are developed nations in decline?

    I found this fascinating Infographic in a recent report by the Resolution Foundation – which shows how people in rich countries tend to be pessimistic about their children’s futures, while people in poor countries tend to be optimistic. These are only indications of how people feel, and feelings don’t necessarily reflect the actual prospects for…

  • A Very Brief History of the Democratic Republic of Congo

    This year I’m using the DRC as a major case study in underdevelopment (it is last on the UN’s HDI rankings after all) – Here’s my (mainly cut and paste from Wikipedia) very brief history of the DRC – I’ll add in video links, general links, pictures and extracts from numerous books later…  The Stuff…