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  • Trends in Marriage, Divorce and Cohabitation in the UK

    This post explores the long and short term trends in marriage, divorce and cohabitation in the United Kingdom. It has been written as an introduction to the ‘marriage and divorce’ topic which is usually taught as the second topic within the AQA’s families and households A-level sociology specification. Marriage and Divorce Trends: An Overview There…

  • Explaining The Long Term Increase in Divorce

    There are four main factors which can explain for the long term increase in divorce: Social policy changes Economic factor Changing gender roles Postmodernsisation. This post examines these factors and others.    Social Policy Changes Social Policy changes are the first factor that explains rapidly increasing divorce in the early 1970s – the 1969 the…

  • Emma Watson recently coined the term ‘self-partnering’ to demonstrate her happiness with being single, which is in an increasing trend in the UK There are 16.7 million people in the UK who are single and never married, and the number is increasing, with almost 370 000 more single people in the UK in 2018 compared…

  • Applying Sociological Perspectives to the Decline of Marriage – Revision Notes

    Applying Sociological Perspectives to the Decline of Marriage – Revision Notes

    Summary revision notes (in diagram form) on sociological perspectives applied to the decline of marriage in society, written to help students revise for the families and households section of the AQA’s A-level sociology paper 2: topics in sociology. You will probably need to click to enlarge/ save the picture below! Other sources you might find…

  • How many people are single?

    An exploration of some of the problems of official statistics on ‘single people’

  • Families and Households in the UK – Social Trends

    This post summaries some of the changing trends (and continuities) in family and household structure in the UK, using data from the Office for National Statistics which collects a range of data annually on families and households in the UK The Office for National Statistics Families and Households Hub Page is an obviou starting point for…

  • Changes to Marriage and Divorce – Infographic

    I knocked up this brief ‘infographic’ in Skitch on the iPad – explaining the decline of marriage and the increase in divorce. You might also like the more detailed posts on this topic (which should be linked below)

  • Families Topic 2 – Marriage, Divorce and Cohabitation – Short Answer Questions

      Identify two trends (changes) in the pattern of marriage despite the fact that the overall number of marriages have declined (4) Fewer people are marrying There are more remarriages People are marrying later Couples are less likely to marry in church Suggest three social changes which explain why there has been a decline in…

  • Explaining the Changing Patterns of Marriage Mind Map

    This is one way of teaching/ revising this sub-topic within the marriage and divorce topic of the Families and Households Module. You might need to click on it to enlarge it!

  • Explaining the Changing Patterns of Marriage

    The main trend in marriage in the UK is that of long term decline. This post examines some of the reasons behind this, such as changing gender roles, the increasing cost of living and individualisation