Tag: Deviance

  • Just Stop Oil – A Sociological Analysis

    Just stop oil are challenging people to rethink what their values are in global context, but are coming up against governmental and corporate power structures which are pro fossil fuel.

  • What are the Impacts of Crime on Victims?

    Students of A-level sociology are required to study Victimology as part of the Crime and Deviance compulsory module, which means examiners can legitimately ask them this question! What are the impacts of crime on Victims? Victim Support notes the following ways in which crime can affect victims in the short and long term: Feeling upset…

  • What is the Cost of Cybercrime?

    Cybercrime is one of the most harmful types in terms its economic costs to individuals and businesses. This reason alone suggests that students of A-level sociology studying the crime and deviance module should pay special attention to to this type of crime. What are the economic costs of cybercrime? A recent McAFee report estimated the…

  • Fraud and Computer Misuse – The Most Common Crimes in the UK

    Fraud and computer misuse now account for half of all crimes in England and Wales, but 80% of victims no NOTHING about the criminals who acted against them!

  • Examples of State Crimes 2020-2021

    Some examples of State Crimes committed by developed and developing countries and an analysis of the problems of researching the nature and extent of state crime

  • What is Deviance?

    Deviance is norm-breaking behaviour. Sociologists argue that deviance is context dependent – what is deviant depends on the situation you are in, such as the country and the historical period.

  • How Coronavirus is changing crime and deviance

    The societal reaction to Coronavirus is certainly a very stark illustration of the context dependency of crime and deviance….. The recent emergency legislation which put the country into lockdown has made a whole swath of previously ‘normal activities’ deviant, if not criminal, and it’s changing the nature of what we think of as both criminal…

  • What is Social Control?

    Social control refers to the mechanisms a society uses to get individuals to conform. This post covers sociological perspectives on social control such as Functionalism, Marxism and Interactionism

  • Can religion lead gang members away from crime?

    The short answer is yes: ex gang members who join a religious ‘support’ programme as a way out of crime have lower re-offending rates. However, the re-offending rates of those who quit such programmes have higher reoffending rates than those who never took part at all! This is according to some recent research summarized in…

  • Crime and Deviance Teaching Resource Bundle

    I’ve just release a new crime and deviance teaching resource bundle as part of my A-level sociology teaching resource subscription This teaching resource bundle contains everything teachers need to deliver 10-hour long lessons in the sociology of crime and deviance for A level sociology.   Each lesson includes a student work-pack, supplementary resources such as…