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  • The Condition of Postmodernity (David Harvey): A Summary of Chapter Five

    A summary of David Harvey’s (1989) The Condition of Postmodernity’: An Inquiry Into the Origins of Cultural Change. This is a summary of chapter five. You like to read my summaries of chapters one and two and three first of all: Click here for chapter 1 summary Click here for chapter 2 summary Click here…

  • The Condition of Postmodernity, Chapter 1 Summary

    The Condition of Postmodernity, Chapter 1 Summary

    A summary of chapter one of David Harvey’s (1989) Condition of Postmodernity

  • What is Postmodernism?

    So what is this postmodernism of which many now speak? No one agrees as to what is meant by the term except that ‘postmodernism’ represents some kind of reaction to or departure from ‘modernism’. Since the meaning of modernism is also very confused, the reaction or departure known as postmodernism is doubly so. Terry Eagleton…

  • Eight Reasons Why We Should All be Marxists

    The third of three posts on Marxism for A2 Sociological Perspectives – Arguments and evidence for the continued relevance of Marxism  Contemporary Marxists argues that Marxist analysis is still relevant to an understanding of modern society. A considerable amount of contemporary Marxist thought focuses on how Capitalism has become globalised and emphasises the injustices of…