Tag: Family diversity

  • Changing Family Values in the UK

    Attitudes to family life in the UK and Europe have become more liberal in the last decade

  • How have families and households become more diverse?

    Brief revision notes on family diversity for A-level sociology students studying families and households.

  • Families in the UK – Seven Interesting Statistics

    What’s family life like in the UK today? Below is a statistical overview of family life in the UK – covering such things as households types, and marriage statistics. 1. There were 12.4 million married couple families in the UK in 2015, representing two thirds of all family-households  For all the talk of the decline…

  • Explaining the increase in family diversity (part 1/3 )

    This is part 1 of 3 posts outlining the underlying factors which explain the increase in household diversity 1. Changing patterns of marriage, divorce and cohabitation The increase long term decline or marriage and increase in cohabitation and divorce can explain many of the above trends: The fact that people are getting married later explains…

  • Trends in Family and Household Diversity

    Trends in Reconstituted Families In 2011 there were 544,000 step families with dependent children in England and Wales. This means that 11% of couple families with dependent children were step families. The Number of step families has increased since the 1950s. However, the number of step families has declined recently dropping from 631,000 in 2001…