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  • Is addiction to technology real?

    People are increasingly addicted to smartphones and video games, and this seems to be by design!

  • Jean Baudrillard

    Postmodern society has no underlying reality, there are just signs and symbols.

  • Natural Disasters and News Values

    Natural disasters hit several news values including negativity, threshold, picture values and unambiguity.

  • Limited Media Reporting of the Labour Conference 2022 – Ideological Agenda setting or just ‘news values’…?

    Examples of The Metro’s right wing ideological bias in Autumn 2022.

  • Sociology Applied to #GentleMinions

    Shock Horror – groups of older children have been ‘descending’ on cinemas recently to ‘disruptively watch’ the latest Despicable Me Movie – Minions: The Rise of Gru. These children have been meeting up at cinemas in groups as large as 50, dressed in suits and calling themselves ‘Gentleminions’ and filming themselves getting up to various…

  • Representing Gender Diversity – The New Netflix Norm…?

    Small confession…. I’ve had way too many Netflix binge sessions over the last year, and one thing I’ve noticed is that most of the Netflix shows have a wider range of representations of gender than I’m used to seeing on the BBC. In fact practically every series features pretty major characters who are gay, bisexual…

  • Facebook: putting profit over safety

    According to ex Facebook employee Frances Haugen Facebook’s puts its profits over protecting users from harm – over the last several years it has consciously chosen to recommend posts which spread online hate and encourage addictive behaviour rather than protect users. Haugen has gone on record stating that Facebook’s own research shows that many children…

  • What is the Cost of Cybercrime?

    Cybercrime is one of the most harmful types in terms its economic costs to individuals and businesses. This reason alone suggests that students of A-level sociology studying the crime and deviance module should pay special attention to to this type of crime. What are the economic costs of cybercrime? A recent McAFee report estimated the…

  • How the Media Simplifies Crime

    This 2019 blog post from the John Howard Society of Canada is useful here: The media simplify the coverage of crime in the following ways: Media coverage tends to focus on the individual criminals, and their psychological state, with very little focus on the social context which led to a crime being committed (so very…

  • Sensationalisation of Crime in the Media

    If we include fictional crime programmes, the Media tends to sensationalise crime: Many programmes almost revel in crime and especially deviance, sometimes even glorifying it. Consider the way that deviant celebrities are treated or consider the hyperreal, idealistic representations of war in games such as Call of Duty. Fictional crime dramas tend to normalise police…