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Assessing the view that TNCs harm developing countries.

It’s fairly standard practice in A level sociology to teach that transnational corporations are basically evil and harm developing countries. I subverted this a little bit today and got students to make presentations assessing this view. The instructions were quite … Continue reading

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Arguments and Evidence that Transnational Corporations Harm Developing Countries

Marxists are generally critical of the role of TNCs in developing countries. They basically argue that they are part of the neo-colonial project and their main focus is to maximize profit by extracting resources from poor countries as cheaply as … Continue reading

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Philip Green, the Collapse of BHS and the Continued Relevance of Marxist Theory

This is a useful documentary on the role of billionaire Philip Green in the ¬†collapse of British Home Stores, which¬†demonstrates the relevance of some key concepts within Marxism. British Home Stores was one of the best known high street retail … Continue reading

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The Marxist Perspective on Crime

Marxist criminologists see power being held by the Bourgeoisie and laws are a reflection of Bourgeois ideology. The legal system (lawyers, judges and the courts) and the police all serve the interests of the Bourgeoisie. These institutions are used to … Continue reading

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