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Assess the view that western models of education are not appropriate to developing countries (20)

Overview plan What are Western Models of Education? What are the arguments and evidence for western models being appropriate to developing countries? What are the arguments and evidence against/ what other models might be appropriate? Conclusion – when might Western … Continue reading

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Will E-learning Platforms change Education?

Big data enthusiasts argue that the greater data collection and analysis potential provided by e-learning platforms such as Khan Academy and Udacity provide much more immediate feedback to students about how they learn, and they thus predict a future in … Continue reading

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How will Big Data Change Education?

Big Data will make Feedback more focussed on effective teaching rather than student progress, it will make learning more individualised, and it will enable us to make probabilistic predictions about what programmes are best for different students. This is according  … Continue reading

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Will Britain ever have a Black Prime minister?

Will Britain Ever Have a Black Prime Minister? aired on the BBC IN 2017, which looked at the relative average life chances of a Black British child progressing through life… NB Thank you kindly to whoever uploaded this to You … Continue reading

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Possible 10 Mark Analyse Questions Derived from the AQA’s A Level Sociology Specification: Education Section

I’m just in the process of re-examining the AQA’s ‘specification’/ vaguefication* for the sociology of education section to get a better idea of what kind of 10 mark ‘analyse’ questions might come up. In case you don’t know (and you … Continue reading

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What is the Gender Gap in Education?

What is The Gender Gap? The gender gap in education refers to the fact that girls get better GCSE and A level results than boys, in practically every subject, and women are much more likely to go to university than … Continue reading

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Gender and Subject Choice 2017

Looking at the A level exam entries by gender in 2017 over 90% of people who sat computing were male, compared to only 23% of people who sat sociology A level.   Either click on the above graphic or check … Continue reading

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Learning as a Product Versus Learning as Process

Many of the theories of learning that were developed during the first decades of the twentieth century tended to conceptualize learning as an end product or outcome – most often as a distinct change in behavior. Students and educators who … Continue reading

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Should girls be allowed to wear trousers in school?

Most UK schools have introduced trousers for girls into their uniform codes in the last twenty years, but some continue to ban them and will send home any girl who turns up wearing trousers, at least according to Trousers for All, which … Continue reading

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The Hidden Curriculum and School Ethos

The Hidden Curriculum refers to the unwritten rules, values and normative patterns of behavior which students are expected to conform to and learn while in school. Examples of things taught through the ‘hidden curriculum include: respecting authority respect for other … Continue reading

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