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  • Is the increasing number of graduates a good thing?

    In 1950 there were 19700 young people graduated with a degree, in 2019 that figure will be around 1.4 million. However, is this increasing number of graduates actually a good thing? There have certainly been a lot of winners with the expansion of Higher Education, which is now big business in the UK. More graduates…

  • How to Break Into the Elite

    Why don’t working class graduates with good degrees get the best jobs?

  • Is it worth doing a degree?

    Is it worth spending £30, 000 or more and three years of your life doing a degree? If we limit our analysis to purely financial considerations and if we focus on ‘median earnings’ – then yes, on average, it is definitely still worth doing a degree: graduates currently earn about £8K a year more on average than non graduates…

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