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  • The cost of living crisis – was it always inevitable? 

    is the cost of living crisis caused by a growing global middle class pushing up the price of scarce resources?

  • The working class don’t feel like they fit in middle-class jobs

    People from working class backgrounds who are socially mobile and make it into middle class jobs are less likely to feel they fit into those jobs than those from middle class backgrounds. This is according to some contemporary sociological research which suggests support for the view that lack of cultural capital not only hinders working…

  • Media representations of social class

    How are different social classes represented in the mainstream media?  This post looks at how the monarchy, the wealthy, the middle classes, working classes and benefits claimaints (‘the underclass’) are represented, focusing mainly on British television and newspaper coverage. Generally speaking the ‘lower’ the social class, the more negative the media representations are, arguably because…