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  • The Tory Spring Budget

    The Chancellor’s Spring Budget was a conservative and reactionary mixture of soft-policies which do little for ordinary people and probably won’t help sort out Britain’s economic problems… The three main priorities of the budget were to Taken together these are very conservative and reactionary goals, nothing at all radical. The government repeatedly says that current…

  • Why Did Liz Truss’ Budget do so Much Damage…?

    The Tory U-turn on its disastrous tax-cutting mini budget demonstrates how little power the British government has in relation to the forces of economic globalisation

  • The Economic Consequences of Coronavirus (part 1)

    what are the economic consequences of covid-19?

  • Explaining South Korea’s Economic and Social Development #2

    South Korea is one of the real success stories of development post world war two, but what policies led to it rapid economic and social development? NB – you might like to read part one of ‘Explaining South Korea’s Development‘ first! During the early phases of its economic development, there were few vested interests In…

  • Explaining South Korea’s Development #1

    Korea was a Japanese Colony from 1910 to 1945, providing food and fuel for the ‘motherland’. Following the fall of the Japanese Empire at the end of World War II, Korea was divided along the 38th parallel into North and South Korea, North Korea controlled by communist Russia, and South Korea governed by the United…

  • The Scale of the World’s Largest Corporations

    I thought it’d be useful to do a little post on the sheer scale of global corporations, so below I simply list the top 10 by revenue and then in italics next to them I’ve put the countries who rank immediately below them by nominal GDP* at 2016 figures. The Fortune 500 magazine publishes the…

  • What is Neoliberalism?

    Neoliberalism is the idea that less government interference in the free market is the central goal of politics. Neoliberals believe in a ‘small government’ which limits itself to enhancing the economic freedoms of businesses and entrepreneurs. The state should limit itself to the protection of private property and basic law enforcement. Neoliberalism is most closely…

  • What are the Most Useful Indicators of Development?

    You need to use a range of economic and social indicators to get a full picture of how developed a country is….