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What is Neoliberalism?

Neoliberalism is the idea that less government interference in the free market is the central goal of politics. Neoliberals believe in a ‘small government’ which limits itself to enhancing the economic freedoms of businesses and entrepreneurs. The state should limit … Continue reading

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Sentence Sorts for Teaching A-Level Sociology – How Useful Are They?

Matching exercises or ‘sentence sorts’ simply involve students matching the concept/ sociologist/ perspective/ method to a definition/ statement. Simple example: Decide whether the sentences are below are Functionalist or Marxist – simply write ‘F’ or ‘M’ next to the sentence. … Continue reading

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A Level Sociology Key Terms – Families and Households

A selected list of some of the most important key terms in AS Level and A Level Sociology – families and households. NB this is not an exhaustive list, just a starting point! Bean Pole Family A family with a … Continue reading

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Key Concepts for Sociology – Education

Starting off with gender and education, gradually going to be populated with more!  Crisis of Masculinity          Where men are uncertain about what it means to be a man because of the decline of traditional masculinity. Men used to get a … Continue reading

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Sociology of Education: 13 Key Concepts

Definitions and examples of 13 of the most important key terms for the A level sociology 7192 (1) exam, including the correspondence principal, meritocracy, privatisation, and lots more. These are 12 of the most fundamental concepts for the exam, which … Continue reading

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Families and Households – Key Concepts Definitions

  Definitions of some of the central key concepts for the A level Sociology families and households module. Not an exhaustive list, but to be gradually added to during 2017.  Birth Rate The number of babies born per thousand per … Continue reading

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Research Methods – Key Terms for A Level Sociology

Definitions of core concepts covered as part of the research methods component of AS and A Level Sociology. Organised in alphabetical order – so effectively this is a research methods A-Z. If this is too much for you, then have … Continue reading

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