• Covid-19 and the Increase in Illegal Schools.

    Back in 2019 OFSTED estimated that around 6000 pupils were taught in unregistered, illegal schools in England and Wales. The most common type of unregistered schools offer ‘alternative provision’ – 28%, while 25% are general educational schools and 21% are religious (although the media tends to focus primarily on the later!). Since Covid-19 OFSTED have…

  • Why are schools ‘off-rolling’ more students before their GCSEs?

    Why are schools ‘off-rolling’ more students before their GCSEs?

    Why are schools off-rolling more students just before their GCSEs?

  • The Education System in England and Wales

    An introduction to the key features of the UK education system, including details of the Department for Education, OFSTED, key stages, exams, the National Curriculum, and some straightforward definitions of the different types of school in the UK. I wrote this post to give students studying A-level sociology a more focused intro the topic than…

  • Structured Non-Participant Observation in Education

    The most commonly used form of observation in education are lesson observations carried out as part of OFSTED inspections – technically these are a form of quantitative non-participant structured observation: OFSTED inspectors have half a dozen criteria to look out for and grade each criteria 1-4, with 1 being outstanding and 4 meaning unsatisfactory; observers…