Tag: United Kingdom

  • The state of the nation

    Is life in the UK getting better or worse? In this post I evaluate this question by looking at a few official statistics.

  • What is Normal?

    The concepts of ‘normal’, and ‘normality’, and the question of what counts as ‘normal behaviour’ has long been of interest to sociologists. Sociologists from different perspectives have very different approaches to answering the basic, but fundamental question, ‘what is normal’? For the early positivists such as August Comte and Emile Durkheim, uncovering the existence of…

  • The Education System in England and Wales

    An introduction to the key features of the UK education system, including details of the Department for Education, OFSTED, key stages, exams, the National Curriculum, and some straightforward definitions of the different types of school in the UK. I wrote this post to give students studying A-level sociology a more focused intro the topic than…

  • Analyse two ways in which migration has affected household structures (10)

    How to get full marks for a 10 mark ‘item’ question in sociology A-level.