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The Sex Map of Britain

The Sex Map of Britain is a very interesting recent documentary series which ‘meets people for whom sex, sexuality and having children is far from straightforward. The series covers the following topics: The reality of being a ‘cheap prostitute’ – … Continue reading

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How many people are single?

According to the Office for National Statistics, for the population in England Wales aged 16 and over, as of 2015 there are 16 million people aged 16 or over who are ‘single and have never cohabited or married’, equivalent to … Continue reading

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Chas and Dave on Modern Relationships

Chas and Dave may not realise it, but I think many of their songs demonstrate how their (working class male) experience of the shift in gender-relations and the emergence of the pure relationship hasn’t been a comfortable one… ‘London Girls’ … Continue reading

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Dating and Relationships in Postmodernity

Tinder and other dating apps certainly seem to be changing the way we meet people in the postmodern age, but does the normalisation of these technologies represent a┬ásignificant change in the nature of intimate relationships more generally? Some basic stats … Continue reading

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Post and Late Modern Perspectives on The Family – A Comparison

The Postmodern View of Family/ Personal Relationships The fact that we see a dazzling array of personal, intimate relationships and family forms is an expression of post-modern society. Postmodern relationships are much more complex because of hyperreality (think Tinder) and … Continue reading

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Sociological Perspectives on Romance, Love and Modern Relationships

If a couple were to discuss honestly how a modern ‘pure relationship’ is likely to pan out then the conversation might go something like this…. Covers concepts such as reflexivity, the pure relationship and confluent love.  

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