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  • The Rich, The Poor and the Trash

    Summary of a documentary on global inequalities and waste

  • America – A Less Developed Country?

    The United States ranks either at the top, or very near the top on several of the main development indicators used by the World Bank and the United Nations, but if you look more closely you find that the United States might not be so ‘developed’ after all. This post starts out by exploring the seemingly…

  • Noam Chomsky – The Decline of the U.S Superpower?

    In this talk Noam Chomsky emphasises that Trump’s election and his climate change denial threaten the very existence of the planet and the human species; and he also reminds us that despite America’s increasing political isolationism, U.S. Corporations still reign supreme. Chomsky starts by saying that he was in Spain when he heard the results…