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  • Sociological Perspectives and Concepts Applied to the Death of The Queen…

    How might Interactionists, Functionalists, Marxists and Postmodernists interpret the death of The Queen..?

  • Sociological Perspectives on the Cost of Living Crisis in the UK

    Inflation in the UK hit 9% in April 2022, mainly due to the rising cost of energy prices and food prices, the main cause of which was supply-line shocks caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this year, but also because of the longer term disruption to business caused by two years of the Covid-19…

  • Sociological Perspectives on the 2020 Downing Street Christmas Party

    There seems to be increasing evidence that around three dozen people attended a party at Downing Street in December 2020, shortly after tier three lockdown restrictions were introduced. These lockdown rules explicitly prohibited people from having social gatherings (like Christmas Parties) and even prevented people from visiting their relatives who were in care homes or…

  • Sociological Perspectives on the 2020 Exam results fiasco

    What a mess this years exam results were! First of all students get awarded their results based primarily on an algorithm, which adjusted center predicted grades up or down depending on how their historical results records. Then those results were scrapped in favour of the original teacher predicted grades, awarded several months ago, unless the…

  • Explaining The Long Term Increase in Divorce

    There are four main factors which can explain for the long term increase in divorce: Social policy changes Economic factor Changing gender roles Postmodernsisation. This post examines these factors and others.    Social Policy Changes Social Policy changes are the first factor that explains rapidly increasing divorce in the early 1970s – the 1969 the…

  • What is Social Control?

    Social control refers to the mechanisms a society uses to get individuals to conform. This post covers sociological perspectives on social control such as Functionalism, Marxism and Interactionism

  • Education and social control

    How do schools try to control pupils? Some of the ways include academic surveillance, CCTV, teaching British Values. Prevent and the use of isolation units. It also explores how effective schools are as agents of social control.

  • Sociological Perspectives Teaching Resource Bundle

    A level Sociology teaching resources for sale – perspectives in sociology.

  • Sociological Perspectives on Hate Crime

    What is Hate Crime? The Home Office defines Hate Crime as ‘ ‘Any criminal offence which is perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice towards someone based on a personal characteristic.’ (Hate Crime, England and Wales, 2018-19). There are five main characteristics which the police monitor….. race…

  • The globalisation of education

    three examples of the globalisation are: PISA tests and league tables, international companies providing education services in more than one country, private schools and universities expanding into more than one country.