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  • Experiments in Alternative Living (1)

    The average twenty something in the UK will spend £263K on housing over the next 32 years of their life, and many will spend considerably more, which is, let’s face it, an enormous sum of money. What I find deeply offensive about this astronomical figure is that there are a few brave souls currently engaged in what…

  • Subcultural Theories of Crime – A Summary

    Introduction/ The basics Subcultural Theory explains deviance in terms of a deviant group, split apart from the rest of the society which encourages deviance Historical Period: The 1940s- 60S, Underclass Theory – 1980s Albert Cohen: Status Frustration working class boys try to gain status within school and fail, thus suffer status frustration Some such boys…

  • Subcultural Theories of Deviance

    subcultural theorists argue that deviance occurs because of peer pressure within a subculture that has broken off from mainstream society. This post covers ‘consensus subcultural theory’ including Albert Cohen’s status frustration and Cloward and Ohlin’s three types of subculture.