Tag: hidden curriculum

  • The Hidden Curriculum and School Ethos

    The Hidden Curriculum is the unwritten rules, norms and values to which students are expected to conform while in school.

  • Bowles and Gintis: The Correspondence Principle

    School corresponds to work: both are hierarchical, both require passive pupils/ workers and both are motivated by external rewards.

  • Education in America

    Key statistics on education in America, and the key features of the American education system including primary, secondary and tertiary education, the national curriculum and the examinations system. This is part of a new set of posts designed to help students assess how developed countries are in terms of some of the key indicators of…

  • In-School Processes in Education: Knowledge Check List

    Main Sub Topics The Interactionist Perspective – Introduces the topic area, make sure you can explain the difference between Interactionism and Structural Theories School Ethos and The Hidden Curriculum The School Ethos The Hidden Curriculum Teacher Stereotyping and the halo effect The ideal pupil Labelling and the Self Fulfilling Prophecy Banding, streaming and setting Definitions…