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Ethnic inequalities in social mobility

Black and Asian Muslim children are less likely to get professional jobs, despite doing better at school, according to an official government report carried out by the Social Mobility Commission.  This blog post summarizes this recent news article (December 2016) which … Continue reading

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Company Bosses really don’t deserve their high incomes

The link between what bosses are paid and a company’s financial performance is “negligible”, according to new research summarized by this BBC news item (December 2016) The median pay for chief executives at Britain’s 350 biggest companies was £1.9m in … Continue reading

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The Myth of Meritocracy and the Structure of Luck

This recent Thinking Allowed podcast summarises a recently published book –Success and Luck: Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy by Robert H. Frank The key message of the book is that almost everyone who succeeds (in education, or business … Continue reading

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What is Postmodernism?

So what is this postmodernism of which many now speak? No one agrees as to what is meant by the term except that ‘postmodernism’ represents some kind of reaction to or departure from ‘modernism’. Since the meaning of modernism is … Continue reading

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Erich Fromm’s ‘Fear of Freedom’- A Summary

A summary of Erich Fromm‘s ‘Fear of Freedom’, first published in the UK in 1942 This book is an analysis of the ‘character structure of modern man’, a work in progress published because of the urgent needs of the times. … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s Political Appointments – TNCs to shape U.S. Social Policy?

Trump’s political appointments seem to illustrate an extreme neoliberal approach to politics – those who are successful at business are being placed into senior positions in the U.S. political system which will allow them more power to shape domestic and … Continue reading

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Sociology in the News – The Ageing Population and The Crisis in Social Care

A couple of not very pleasant news-items which relate to the problems of the ‘ageing population’: The U.K. is on the brink of a social care crisis according to The Independent (November 2016) – with local authorities saying they could face … Continue reading

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Sociological Perspectives on State Crime

The link between Poverty, Ethnic Conflict, Failed States and Crimes against Humanity Take another look at Transparency Internationals Corruption Index and you’ll see there is  clear link between poverty and corruption, and war and conflict. Many of these countries are … Continue reading

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Families and Households – Top Ten Concepts

Definitions of some of the central key concepts for the A level Sociology families and households module. Not an exhaustive list, but to be gradually added to during 2017.  Birth Rate The number of babies born per thousand per year. … Continue reading

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Globalisation, Global Criminal Networks and Crime

Introduction Anthony Giddens (1990) defines globalisation as ‘the intensification of worldwide social relations which link distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped be events occurring many miles away and vice versa. David Held (1992) sees globalisation … Continue reading

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