The Spirit Level – A Summary

The Spirit Level – Why more equal societies almost always do better – Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett This book is relevant to both the module on Crime and Deviance and Theory Methods Based on thirty years of research – Its findings are that almost every modern social and environmental problem is moire likely to … Continue reading “The Spirit Level – A Summary”

Summary of the 2018 A-level sociology examiner report for beliefs in society, paper 2

Below I’ve reformatted the examiners report for the 2018 A-level sociology exam, paper 2 (families and households section) into bullet points and included the exam questions. This is really just designed to make this more user friendly! This advice is taken straight from the AQA’s examiner report on the sociology A-level exam 2018. Beliefs in … Continue reading “Summary of the 2018 A-level sociology examiner report for beliefs in society, paper 2”

Max Weber: The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (Revision Notes)

Weber argued that the values of the protestant religion led to the emergence of Capitalism in Western Europe around the 17th century. Weber observed that Capitalism first took* off in Holland and England, in the mid 17th century. He asked himself the question: ‘why did Capitalism develop in these two countries first?’ Protestant Individualism and … Continue reading “Max Weber: The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (Revision Notes)”

How I would’ve answered the AQA A level sociology topics exam, June 2018, section B: beliefs in society

A few hints and tips on how I would have answered yesterday’s sociology exam.

AQA A-level sociology specification content at a glance

I think it’s useful to have the specification laid out in one easy to access to place – so here you go: With Families and Households and Global Development as the ‘options’ on paper 2 Please click here for a PDF Version of the above (probably better for both viewing and printing!): AQA sociology specification … Continue reading “AQA A-level sociology specification content at a glance”

Theory and Methods for A Level Sociology: The Basics

An overview of theory and methods for second year A level sociology – a very brief overview covering the bare-bones of (1) Positivism and Interpretivism, (2) Is sociology a sicence?, (3) Sociology and value freedom, (4) Functionalism, (5) Marxism, (6) Feminism, (7) Social action theory, (8) Post and late modernism, (9) Sociology and social policy.  … Continue reading “Theory and Methods for A Level Sociology: The Basics”

Cross National Comparisons

Cross National Comparisons involve researching a specific social institution, trend, or phenomenon in two or more countries using the same research methods, with the intention of comparing how this institution, trend, or phenomenon manifests in different socio-cultural settings. Researchers might choose to focus on broad topics such as the education system, or a specific trend … Continue reading “Cross National Comparisons”

Social Problems facing Britain in 2020…

My top 14 social problems facing Britain in 2020: Pollution and the environment Inequality, low pay and poverty Inflation/ cost of living/ especially housing unemployment and underemployment Race relations The Ageing population Crime, law and order Mental health – depression/ anxiety (/suicide) Sexual inequalities Drug and alcohol abuse Lack of faith (trust) in government Immigration/ … Continue reading “Social Problems facing Britain in 2020…”

Agenda Setting in The Mainstream News

Agenda-setting is where the media only ask a limited range of questions about a topic, thus limiting the number of perspectives or angles from which an issue is explored. It is a concept mainly associated with Marxism, and it is one of the main ways in which the media maintain ideological control according to Marxist … Continue reading “Agenda Setting in The Mainstream News”