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  • What is Global Britain?

    What will be Britain’s post-Brexit role in the world? Does leaving the EU mean we are now free to forge more truly ‘global relationship’ with other countries and regions in other parts of the world? This is an important question for students studying the A-level option in Global Development and should be of general interest…

  • Contemporary Sociology: The poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal by the Russian State

    Contemporary Sociology: The poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal by the Russian State

    The recent ‘russian spy poisoning’ is relevant to many areas of the A-level sociology specification, such as state-crime, globalisation and even consensus and conflict theory.

  • White Working Class Men

    Professor Green’s fronted an excellent recent documentary on the lives of 6 white working class men for Channel Four, which aired in January 2018. In an interview with John Snow (about the documentary), Professor Green (who is himself white working class) says the show was born out the fact that only 10% of white working…

  • The Partition of India

    The August 1947 partition of India divided the newly independent country into two new states: A Hindu-majority India and a Muslim-majority Pakistan. The later was itself divided into western and eastern sections, more than 1000 miles apart: present day Pakistan and Bangladesh. In the view of most historians, the partition of India was the central…

  • Ethnicity and Inequality in the UK 2017

    The issue of why there are inequalities by ethnicity in the UK is a topic which runs all the way through the A level sociology syllabus. This post simply presents some sources which provide information on the extent of inequality in life chances by ethnicity in contemporary Britain. As it stands, in 2017 it seems…

  • Social Class – An Introduction to the Concept

    What is social class? Outlining the Registrar General’s Scale, and the New British Class Survey.