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Sociological Perspectives on Identity

A summary of Michel Foucault’s work on identity, deviance and normality, governmentality, subjectification and technologies of the self, taken from Steph Lawler’s ‘Identity’ (2014) – also includes Nikolas Rose’s development of Foucault’s work. If there’s one central idea in this … Continue reading

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Giddens – The Trajectory of the Self

A Summary of chapter three of Anthony Giddens’ Modernity and Self-Identity Self-identity, history, modernity Drawing on a therapeutic text – ‘Self-Therapy’ by Janette Rainwater – Giddens selects ten features which are distinctive about the search for self-identity in the late … Continue reading

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Mary Berry’s Cultural Capital and Gregg Wallace’s Love of Sociology

Mary Berry’s recent comments against deep fat fryers and Jaffa cake dunking could be interpreted (using Bourdieu) as an example of the unconscious process through which the middle classes assert and maintain their superiority by defining working class practices as ‘bad … Continue reading

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Sociology in the News (2)

Application of sociology to a few recent news events. 1. The Death of the Duke of Westminster Following the death of his father, the new Duke of Westminster has inherited a £9 bn fortune – making him the third richest … Continue reading

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Sociological Analysis of The Olympics

The British media love The Olympics, especially when ‘Team GB’ are so successful, but there’s a lot more to individual or even team success than just the individual athletes…Team GB’s success actually illustrates the relevance of Anthony Giddens’ concept of … Continue reading

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Crime Prevention and Control Strategies

This summary sheet defines and gives examples of situational crime prevention, environmental crime prevention and social/ community crime prevention strategies Situational Crime Prevention Includes strategies which focus on the specific point at which potential victims and criminals come together, making … Continue reading

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Neoliberalism in India – The Consequences

A brief summary of part of Arundhati Roy’s ‘Capitalism: A Ghost Story’ – In which she explores some of the consequences of privatisation (part of neoliberalisation) in India. ‘Trickle down hasn’t worked in India, but gush up certainly has’ The … Continue reading

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Sociology on TV – August 2016

A new monthly post outlining recent programmes relevant to Sociology on TV – most will be on the BBC as iPlayer’s what I mainly use to access televisual hyperreality. Just one to kick off with – because I just watched … Continue reading

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12 Facts about Gender Inequality

Evidence from Kat Banyard  (2010) The equality illusion– the truth about women and men today, Faber and Faber. Today it is normal for women to worry about their looks. Girls have starkly different relationships to their bodies than boys – … Continue reading

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Anthony Giddens’ Runaway World – A Summary

There has been a considerable amount of research and theorising into globalisation and its consequences over the past decade, yet little of this has filtered down to students of A level Sociology. This article aims to address this by summarizing … Continue reading

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