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Arguments Against Trade as a Strategy for Development

Andre Gunder Frank (1971) argues that the reason trade doesn’t work for poor countries is a legacy of colonialism – before independence, the colonizing power simply took these commodities. After independence, developing societies are often still over-dependent on exporting these … Continue reading

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The New Rulers of the World – A Summary

The New Rulers of the World (2001) by John Pilger provides a good example of a Dependency Theory analysis of the consequences of neoliberal globalisation, focusing on Indonesia as a case study. The fact that this is a dependency view of … Continue reading

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World Systems Theory

A summary of Wallerstein’s World Systems Theory including the key ideas of Core, Semi-Periphery and Periphery countries, relevant to A Level Sociology Global Development Module. NB This is very much a summary designed to get an 18 year old through … Continue reading

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Essay on Dependency Theory

  Evaluate explanations of development and under-development put forward by dependency theorists (33) The plan below is just one suggestion as to how you might go about answering this essay.  Briefly introduce Dependency Theory Dependency theory is a Marxist theory, … Continue reading

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Dependency Theory

This post is a brief summary of the Dependency Theory view of Development and Underdevelopment. It is, broadly speaking, a Marxist theory of development. According to Dependency theory, the underdevelopment of many countries was the fault of the West. Dependency … Continue reading

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