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Grammar Schools – Arguments For and Against

Grammar schools have been in the news this week – Theresa May’s plans to reintroduce grammar schools is actually one of the most unpopular policies in her party  but despite this opposition, and more opposition from nearly everyone who knows anything … Continue reading

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Postmodern and Late Modern Views of Education – A Summary

The Postmodernist View of Education  Postmodernists stand against universalising education systems – it there is no one truth, then it is not appropriate to have a one size fits all education system. Modernist education is oppressive to many students – … Continue reading

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Free Schools – Arguments and Evidence For and Against

  This is relevant to the educational policy aspect of the education topic within the sociology of education. What Are Free Schools? A Free School in England is a type of Academy, a non-profit-making, state-funded school which is free to … Continue reading

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