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A Summary of Zygmunt Bauman’s ‘The Individualised Society’ – Part Three: The Way We Act

Thirteen – Does Love Need Reason? Love and Reason will forever fail to communicate… for three reasons. Reason is about use, love is about value. The world as seen by love is a collection of values, as seen by reason, … Continue reading

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Why are schools ‘off-rolling’ more students before their GCSEs?

Why are schools off-rolling more students just before their GCSEs? Continue reading

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What is the significance of the ‘increase’ in student suicides?

How doe we explain the recent increase in higher education student suicides? Are there any underlying causes, or is this just a ‘moral panic’? Continue reading

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Talcott Parsons’ Perspective on Religion

A summary of Talcott Parson’s functionalist perspective on religion Continue reading

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West Indian Immigration to Britain: 1948: The Empire Windrush

It’s seventy years since the Empire Windrush arrived in Britain, carrying hundreds of West Indian immigrants, and the event has come to symbolize the start of the first wave Commonwealth migration to the United Kingdom. How did it all start? … Continue reading

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What should we do about childhood obesity?

Some arguments for the government’s recent policy proposals to tackle childhood obesity. Continue reading

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Summary of Zygmunt Bauman’s The Indivdualised Society (preface)

It may sound odd doing a summary of a preface, but there is a lot of heavy stuff in here…. According to Bauman ‘Sociology can help us link our individual decisions and actions to the deeper cause of our troubles … Continue reading

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Does Britain have a ‘class ceiling’?

A recent survey of 2000 people has revealed that half of working class people still believed they encountered a “class ceiling” when trying to progress up the career ladder. The survey was commissioned by conservative MP Justine Greening and conducted … Continue reading

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Malinowski’s Perspective on Religion

A summary of Bonislow Mainowski’s perspective on religion. Continue reading

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From cognition to communication and co-operation: An analysis of the increasing sociality of social media

According to Fuchs (2017) Media are not technologies, but techno-social systems which comprise the social processes of cognition, communication and co-operation, and that any analysis of the changing social significance of new social media should distinguish between the extent to … Continue reading

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