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  • Grid Girls go Off-Grid for Good

    Formula one is getting rid of its grid-girls: the scantily clad, typically young attractive women who hold up a card telling  drivers where to start. Most Feminist leaning commentators, such as Janet Street Porter, see this as progress for gender equality and women’s rights: employing women just as ‘eye candy for men’ or ‘set dressing’ […]

  • Should we be Concerned about the Gender Pay Gap at the BBC?

    The BBC recently revealed the salaries of stars earning more than £150,000, and two-thirds of them are male, only a third female. So the very high income earner male-female ratio at the BBC is 2:1. Where the highest incomes are concerned, there is an enormous disparity between the highest earning male and the highest earning […]

  • Radical Feminism Applied to Globalisation, Gender and Development

    Radical Feminists point out that Globalisation may actually be leading to new forms of exploitation of women, and that, despite globalisation generally improving the lives of women, there are still significant areas for improvement. Two examples of this include the emergence of the global sex-industry and the persistence of violence against women despite globalisation. Globalisation […]

  • Feminist Theory for A Level Sociology: An Introduction

    This is a very brief introduction for first year A-level Sociology Students… Inequality between men and women is the most significant form of inequality Anthropological evidence demonstrates that inequalities between men and women exist in every single society in human history, and in most of these societies women have an inferior social status to men. […]

  • Five Reasons Women Don’t Get Promoted

    Five reasons why women are less likely to get promoted than men include discrimination, caring responsibilities, lack of vertical networks, lack of self-confidence and ‘positive choice’ – at least according to Professor Tom Schuller in his recent book ‘The Paula Principle: How and Why Women Work Below Their Level of Confidence‘. The context of this […]

  • Feminist Theory: A Summary for A-Level Sociology

    This post summarises the differences between Liberal, Marxist, Radical and Difference (Postmodern) Feminists. It covers what they believe the causes of gender inequalities to be and what should be done to tackle these inequalities and male power in society.

  • Sylvia Walby: Six Structures of Patriarchy

    Wallby’s six structures of patriarchy are paid work, household production, culture, sexuality, violence and the state.

  • Explaining Increasing Female Crime in the later half of the 20th Century: The Liberationist Perspective

    Freda Adler proposed that the emancipation of women and increased economic opportunities for women lead to an increase in the female crime rate. Her basic idea was that as women attain social positions similar to men, and as the employment patterns of men and women become similar, so too do their related crimes. Adler claimed […]

  • Is Kim Kardashian a Feminist Icon?

    Just a brief post to get you thinking about different types of Feminism – is Kim Kardashian a Suitable Role Model? Feminist and Labour MP Harriet Harman recently revealed that she was a fan of Kim Kardashian on Good Morning Britain – saying that she liked the way the Kardashians’ controlled their own agendas and […]

  • 12 Facts about Gender Inequality

    Evidence from Kat Banyard  (2010) The equality illusion– the truth about women and men today, Faber and Faber. Today it is normal for women to worry about their looks. Girls have starkly different relationships to their bodies than boys – they put greater emphasis on how attractive their bodies are to others – for boys […]